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Our Process:

Good up Front Planning Reduces Our Time in Your Home
We do thorough up front planning to reduce the length of time that we are going to need to be in your home. We think through the sequence of activities, identify the critical path, and work to compact the job and optimize efficiency. Looking ahead to avoid conflicts ensures each craftsmen is available to avoid down periods in the process. Shortening the project’s duration helps minimize the disruption to your life.

Quality is Built In
By now, we know how to do it right the first time.  By using skilled craftsman and quality materials we ensure our high standards for excellence are held. We also recognize that things do happen and something can go wrong.The timely manner in which something is addressed and corrected is another key to our success.

Helping You Live Through the Remodel
Remodeling is inherently disruptive. But there are ways to greatly minimize this disruption. We take great care of you and your home.

During the project, our Trades ensure the worksite is clean at the end of each day. You can expect that materials are stacked neatly and that the job site will be left tidy.

Designing for You
We recognize that every client is unique and so is the way they live in their home.  Our clients are not satisfied with “cookie cutter” designs. That is why we use an extensive discovery process up front to uncover the special features that will make your project a perfect fit for you and your home. Along with our discovery process, we are very good at adapting to the varying needs and budgets of our clients regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Creating Flow
Sometimes additional space is not an option given the restrictions of your property.  This is when our practiced eyes are most beneficial in taking a fresh look at your space, as a whole, to offer a fresh arrangement that improves the flow to match your needs.

Whether you add on or “stay within”, we can address those little flaws in your home that you may have dealt with for years: from waiting your turn to brush your teeth at a single bathroom sink, to bumping into each other in the kitchen when you are cleaning off the table, and stepping around a door that opens the wrong way. 

It’s this attention to detail that makes a difference to your life that sets us apart.

Keeping it Simple For You
Remodeling a kitchen or building an addition to a home can be incredibly complex. But it doesn't have to be for you. That's our job. We keep it simple for you by making you only as much a part of the process as you want to be. Some people want to participate in the selection of everything from cabinet doors to the color of shelf clips and the color of the outlet covers. Others simply want to review our recommendations.

We match our service to your needs and build at each step the kind of trust that earns us some of the highest repeat and word-of-mouth business in the industry.




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